Naming your business!


What’s in a name?
A lot. SUPER!

It’s vital for your business success – You want to be the game changer, you want to be the talk of the town, you want your business name to be a household name, you want your business to be known.

It maybe a single word, but the image that people’s mind attach to it is the key to the success of the business.

You are not naming a business, You are naming a brand. Think ahead.

What will be the people’s first impression when they hear or see your business name?
You want them to have a positive ring to it. You want the name to bring a smile.

How do you feel or What do you think about the name: “Seig’s” – For me it sounds like a business that deals with war related stuff like guns, helmets and ammos.
If it was “Seig’s armory” or “Seig’s metal vaults” and I am looking for a gun or a safety vault,  chances are.. I’ll buy from “Seig’s guns” than “UNIQLO guns”.

But if you live in the Bicutan/Better living Paranaque area, you sure know that Seig’s is one of the best kept secret restaurants of that area. You will love their kalderetang kambing and frozen brazo de mercedes. 😉

Make sure your name will have a good lasting first impression.

You can TWEAK a common word. Common words are “hello, beer, pool, can, juice, smile, heaven, tea, etc.”

Hello = tweak it = Cello = Cello Donuts

Like this awesome photography company called, “SHMILE” it’s short, catchy, easy recall and it’s a tweak from the word “SMILE

Try: 🙂 I used this to name some of my businesses

Steps in determining your business name:
1.) Study the business names of your competitors.
2.) What is your business name’s meaning?
-Research, do your homework. It might be a foul word in another language or something.
3.) The shorter the better – be creative in spelling
4.) Check the availability of the .com
-I’ll write in another post why is it important to secure the .com
-Social media spots too, check also Facebook/twitter/instagram etc. availability
5.) Try alliterations (the occurrence of the same letter/sound at the beginning of adjacent words)
-Like swensens, coca-cola, TED talks, jamba juice etc.
6.) Make-up a word (Haagen-Dazs)
-Yep, that’s a made up word. The New York based ice cream company’s founders made up that word so it would seem “foreign” and “classy” and it worked. Go, make up a word. Like google, from a made-up word.. now a verb! Make-up your own!

1.) Don’t attach your business name to temporary things/culture – like “tweet longer” that company will close down when twitter closes down. It’s because they based their name on another business. Don’t do that unless you want a temporary business too!

2.) Don’t ask 10 people about your name. It’s your business. It should be your name. It will take 15 years before you all agree. (THIS HAPPENED TO ME… DONT ASK!)

3.) Don’t use plain boring words, Like a car business named “GENERAL” and “MOTORS” =  GENERAL MOTORS. It worked that time because they were the first. But imagine if you will be putting up a coffee shop named “coffee place” or what if the electronics giant “APPLE” named their business “general computers or white computers” or what if the internet giant “” was called “

4.) Don’t use your area as a your business name. Im sure you’ve seen VALENZUELA STEEL or BULACAN GLASS. Okay, I made that up. But this is a common practice in our country. Look around you, a lot of these around: “PROJECT 6 BULALOHAN” or “CUBAO ISAW” or something. It may be helpful to your business at the start, because people form your area will feel like “Oh, it’s near my place! I should try it!” But you will eventually have problems when your business grows. So please, lay-off the area name? Just use the area name in the address field of the business will ya?

5.) Don’t use your last name, Unless your’e a doctor, or lawyer PLEASE DONT.
I’m not saying that DELA CRUZ or LOQUELLANO won’t be fit for a business name, It is logical sometimes to use your last name since this business is you pride and you have worked hard on it and so on. BUT before you can use your name as a business name, you will need reputation on that name, like the AYALA’s – sure they can start a business and call it AYALA COFFEE and sell it at 500/cup and it will sell fast because they have a reputation. BUT because you are a start-up, don’t use your last name. Unless you have the same family name as the AYALAs.

There would be some super rare occasions like this:
VICTORIA BRIDAL CARS = I used my family name because my family name is synonymous to “elegance” and era of classy weddings. That’s why I took advantage of the name and the business.

You, what’s your family name synonymous to? 🙂

In naming your business, be creative.

Just for fun trivia:
The software company ADOBE (Flash/Photoshop/Premiere/Etc.) came from the ADOBE CREEK that was behind the co-founder’s house (John Warnock).

The international convenience store company 7-11 got it’s name when they changed their operating hours to 7am-11pm.

PS: Be careful with 2-word names;
A pre-school named “KIDS EXCHANGE” had a signage that didn’t leave enough space between the 2 words…. Go figure.


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