Merry Christmas!

First, MERRY CHRISTMAS from the business daddy!

xmas photoA

Believe it or not, no photoshop here. This is really a wall design here in my pre-school, Lilliput Academy. 🙂

The first Christmas had no feast nor food, it was a sacrifice to stay in a manger instead of an inn. Now, it’s the most celebrated event in the world. Always the best lesson in life: I believe the best blessings comes in a form of a trial or a problem. So make that sacrifice and claim your blessing.
Share your blessings.

Second, I just want to write about the Business101 workshop I gave last December 7, 2013.

xmas photoCA

SHARE MOVEMENT’S: BUSINESS 101 Workshop by Business Daddy, Guest speakers were, Molly Baylon, Sha Nacino & Lop Ponciano


 It was around 6 months ago when a former classmate of mine, Jam Pangilinan, told me that she started  SHARE MOVEMENTIt was an action to answer a calling to do something bigger, to take things to the next step. It was a challenge to answer to world’s greatest enemy. Hunger.

READ THISSupercalifragilisticexpialidocious Why did  I ask you to read that? Because after reading that word, someone in the world died. To be more exact, every 3.6 seconds, a child dies because of hunger. On average, around 1.5 Million children die because of hunger every single year.

Jam started a movement to fund a feeding program called the Joseph Feeding Mission.

This movement’s goal was to give out workshops, learning events for everybody and 100% of the proceeds goes into the feeding program. Complicated as it sounds, Jam has been doing this for sometime and has been successful in doing so.

The Business101 workshop was successful, the venue was small because we were expecting 15-20 participants. The 2-5pm workshop missed it’s landing when we extended until 7pm and we were on a full ship because people were standing and some were even seated on the floor. The place was filled with participants that were very eager to learn.

I spoke about the things that you need to start your own business. Not money, not property, not franchises, not connections for networking stuff. I’m talking about the proper mindset of an entrepreneur. It’s the positive behaviour you should maintain when you face a business problem, the “diskarte” of an entrepreneur and so on. Things you really need to start your own business.

But my main topic was finding your “business WHY” – the heart and soul of your business.

I live by this formula: PASSION + PURPOSE = PROFIT

lopI invited my good entrepreneur friends to speak with me on this event.
One of them is my business mentor, my long time friend and Super Entrepreneur Lop Ponciano. She shared about PASSION. Lop brought the house down with her wits and talked about her passion as she lives by it. Speaking alone in front of a group was passion for her. So how can she not share about passion itself? She walks the talk!

ShaAnother entrepreneur friend and my “blogging mentor” Sha Nacino, spoke about PURPOSE. The very reason why your business should exist. Sha is a professional speaker and she speaks regularly in seminars and workshops like the one we just had. Speaking to a group of 30-40pax may be a walk in the park for her, but she still said YES to this invitation, she shared constructive lessons about entrepreneurship by sharing her own financial journey. I always enjoy listening to Sha, she’s so pro that there is always an “Aha” moment every time she speaks.

mollyThe last speaker that I invited was Molly Baylon. She’s  an everyday face you see on TV because of Eat Bulaga, but more than that, Molly is a serial entrepreneur. Molly shared about her business journey, the ups and downs of it: The reasons WHY she went into business and HOW she did it.

I’d like to think the workshop was successful . More than the speakers, the crowd was great and participative too! I got awesome humbling feedbacks from the attendees after the workshop as we had small chitchats  and photo ops. All proceeds of the Business101 workshop went to the JOSEPH FEEDING MISSION, just follow the link for more information on how you can help.

I’d also like to promote the business of my friends/speakers who did this for FREE.
This is the least that I could do to thank them.

Lop Ponciano and her family owns and runs
Pedro at Paulo Himlayang Camilenos Park
I hope you don’t get to sleep there soon, but if you are from the Tarlac area, maybe consider getting a space for your future. We’re all going to rest anyways. 🙂

Sha Nacino is the person behind Seminar Philippines – look her up on her next seminar!
Sha is also an author, you can get her books here:

Molly’s business is on instagram, please do follow her page,

Oh by the way, I’d like to show off a world class design I did with my EClass.
My nephew Matteo has a better sleigh than santa 😉

xmas photoB


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