Customer Relationships

Yo! Whenever I prepare for a talk, I always start with creating my “One big message” – a short, powerful sentence that will stick to my listener’s mind for a long long time.

A week ago, I gave a short talk at the 2014 Wealth Summit at the Philippine International Convention Center or PICC, and this is what I came out with, my “One big message”


(I believe this applies to everyone. In all businesses and career paths.)

“Create an experience so amazing that people will tell the world about it.”

Allow me to explain this further.

How do you see your customer?
If you own a restaurant, do you see your customers as cash cows?
If you own a hardware shop, do you treat carpenters, mechanics and contractors as a source of money?

If you do, you’re doing it wrong.

Customers are individuals with needs, wants, fears and desires.
Business is about relationships.

You want a successful business?
Have a long-trusting relationship with your customers.

Love them. Be true to them. Gain their trust. Take care of that trust.
Don’t just sell to your customers, get to know them.
Treat them as family. Never say NO to them, but instead say “We’ll try our best”
Make them feel special. No, rather make them SPECIAL.
Greet them on their birthday. Ask about their kids.
If you’re selling notebooks, throw-in a free pen. Or better yet, surprise your customer with an extra notebook refill! When they order spaghetti from you, don’t just give them spaghetti. Give them free bread to go with it. They bought a car from you? Give them a free overnight stay in a hotel 100kms from their place (perfect for a break-in).

Everytime you buy shoes from my online store SOLA – we make the experience personal. When you get the pair that you ordered via courier, there’s a little surprise note inside the shoe for you!

My bottom line is, create an experience so amazing that people will tell the world about it.

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