Edwin of Nerison’s Cassava Cake

Nerison’s Cassava Cake

Cassava Cake – A filipino staple food. Often debated, is it “Kakanin” or “Cake?”

I’d say both. ūüôā

In my whole life, I have never eaten Cassava Cake. Im not a big fan of Filipino kakanins, I don’t eat kutsinta, I don’t eat biko, and all those other kakanins. Don’t hate me, I just don’t like the taste, texture, etc.

I met Edwin Nerison October 2013 in Shangri-la Mactan, Cebu. It was a financial conference, a gathering of the best minds and people with different stories. Edwin was one of them.

Edwin Nerison is from Cavite – The place of Emilio Aguinaldo, Marian Rivera, Island Cove and of course, Nerison’s Cassava Cake.

Nerison’s Casava Cake is known to most Cavitenos as Pasalubong, Merienda or Regalo.


Humble beginnings


Before the 12-branch strong successful business – Nerison’s Cassava cake had humble beginnings.

Edwin Nerison grew up with little money and old clothes.
His classmates had robot toys, he had baking and cooking tools.¬†Edwin had to work for his Aunt’s Sari-sari store and Cassava Cake store.

Life wasn’t easy for Edwin growing up, he didn’t enjoy what most had. It was 1996, when Edwin graduated from College, finishing BS Accountancy. Determined,¬†Edwin¬†got hired by Metro Drug Inc. immediately.

3 years later, Edwin got retrenched due to a company merger. He then worked for SCA Hygiene Corporation as a Sales Representative. (from Accounting to Sales!) He was selling bathroom and facial tissues, adult diapers, table napkins, etc.

Despite the commissions, company car, a fat¬†paycheck.. Edwin resigned after 6 months. He¬†quit his job because of health¬†reasons (stress is something you don’t want on your menu) plus the 4 bosses he had to answer to every time he didn’t make his sales quota.

Edwin shared that his main reason of resigning are the BIG DREAMS he had in his heart:
– to succeed in life
– to have more free time
– to earn more so he could give more

It was this time when he tracks back at his life and thinks to himself,

“What now Edwin?”

Growing up with little in his pocket, Edwin knew how hard was it to be poor.

This planted a dream, a goal, a mission; to be wealthy.
“and I can only achieved that if I‚Äôm in business.”
said Edwin.


Edwin¬†learned baking cassava cakes when he¬†was 13 years old, He was helping her Auntie¬†who was in the¬†cassava cake business. Now Edwin¬†has 12 Nerison’s Cassava Cake branches.

The 12 branches that Edwin enjoys now are all product of hard work. It wasn’t easy, as he recalled. FEAR¬†–¬†The common problem in all starting businesses, the common problem in all starting businessmen and women. Fear hinders you from being great, from achieving your full potential.

“I knew how to bake delicious cassava cake, it‚Äôs in my blood. I¬†was doing it since I¬†was 13 years old”

Edwin knew he lacked entrepreneurial skills. Edwin lacked capital to start a business. More than all of that, Edwin was afraid to jump into business because he might end up loosing all his hard-earned money/savings. Edwin was also afraid that people will laugh at him if ever he fails.

But overcoming the “FEAR” was his goal. Edwin’s BIG DREAMS were his motivation to overcome all his fears!

You, have you been wanting to start a business? but you’re afraid of losing money, people laughing at you? – Use your big dreams to overcome your FEARS!

Edwin overcame his fears but problems just kept knocking on his doors.

-How to effectively sell and market the Cassava Cake
-Hiring the right people
-Where to get a steady and reliable source of raw materials
-Finding a strategic location for his store
-And a lot more.

But not any of these stopped Edwin from pursuing his dreams, he was determined, he was goal oriented. These are all traits that are essential to businessman.

Not long enough, Edwin’s was able to put up his very first store. It was the year¬†2000 at Molino in Bacoor, Cavite.
Edwin’s hard work and dedication to the business, he was able to earn extra money to PUT UP 1 NEW STORE EVERY YEAR!¬†Talk about aggressive expansion!

The income of all stores were used to expand the business. Edwin didn’t borrow from any lending institutions like banks, credit company, or bumbay.

Now, Edwin has been in business for 14 years, He already developed a system that works for the cassava cake business. In managing 12 stores, a commercial complex, Edwin has still time for his family, serving the poor and finding new business opportunities.


Edwin with his wife and son, they live in Cavite, Philippines

Edwin with his wife and son, they live in Cavite, Philippines


Edwin serving Cassava Cake at Anawim home for the abandoned elderly in Montalban, Rizal

I asked Edwin, What advice can you give to those who want to go into business but lack funds?

Here is Edwin’s reply:

Dream big but start small. When I started my cassava cake business, I had very little savings in the bank. It was not enough to start the business, so I went to my brother and asked him if he wanted to partner with me on the business. He said yes and so we started the business with an industrial partnership. The capital infusion from my brother and skills on my part. What is my point? First develop your talent, skills and then create business ideas. For funding requirements which is the crucial part in putting up a business, If you are man or woman of integrity use (OPM) others people money (utang muna tapos bayad pag kumita), use what available resources you have and be resourceful.

“I want to help more, I cannot help others if I¬†myself is helpless so I¬†decided to go into business so that I¬†can earn more, because if I¬†earn more I¬†can help more.”
Edwin Nerison


Edwin, kung cake ka, anong klaseng cake ka?
Syempre cassava cake. Love ko to!

Kung sugar ka, white kaba or brown? 
Brown sugar!

Paano makakatulong sa ekonomiya ng Pilipinas ang cassava cake?
Dahil sa cassava cake nakakapag employed ng trabaho sa mga tao at ang pagkakaroon ng trabaho ng isang individual ay isang dahalin para makatulong sa paglago ng ekonomiya ng isang bansa.

Sa tingin mo ba a kumakain ng cassava cake si batman?
Oo. Dumadaan siya sa store at bibili ng cassava cake tapos uuwi at kakainin sa BatCave.

Kung ang San Remo ay pasta at ang San miguel ay beer, ano naman ang Sanrio?
Sanrio ay si Hello Kitty.


PS. And yes, through Edwin, naka-tikim na ako ng Cassava Cake. I love it!!!! Syempre, Nerison’s eh ūüôā

Edwin’s final words for this article:

My cassava cake is delicious, the price is reasonable, best substitute for common cakes in the market and it is a¬†Filipino original, it’s our own product. Atin ito!


Edwin and I are good friends. We learn form each other in business and in life. We’re both students in entrepreneurship, we both strive to be better entrepreneurs, to help and serve more.

We both attend the Feast PICC every Sunday, first session. We have coffee after, talk about business, marketing,etc. Anyone is welcome to join. ūüôā



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