Bente pesos

Earlier, I saw a 20 peso bill lying on the street while walking.

20 (I sure had a bigger smile than him.)

This scene is familiar to almost anyone. We all had our share of randomly finding “money on the floor” – so of course I immediately bent down and got ‘my’ 20 pesos.

While at the ‘smiling moment’ – the first thing that came to my mind was, “What if the person who dropped this is just a construction worker who just earns 150-200 a day?” of what if it belongs to a street kid and all he has left is the 20 pesos?’

There was no one else on the street when I saw the 20 pesos, I wish there was someone who said “Sakin yan” (that’s mine) – but there was none.

corn  I used the 20 pesos to buy a cup of sweet corn on the same street.

20 pesos is a small amount to most of you guys. But when I started to think on who might the owner of the 20pesos be – I had this realization: more than the money we have, it’s the value for money that is important.

Your 20pesos may be 1 million to a beggar.

I know it is impossible to find the person who dropped that 20 pesos – but who know’s right? So in case you lost 20 pesos somewhere in the UST area, please meesage me and I’ll give it back to you, with interest pa 😉


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