1 business lesson we can learn from Pope Francis

I am writing this in the 9th floor of Midas Hotel, Roxas Blvd.

Here’s my view:

2015-01-15 15.15.20

View from the 9th floor, Midas Hotel, Roxas Blvd.

Pope Francis arrives today, in 15minutes to be exact.

Everyone knows Him as the Vicar of Christ, Bishop of Rome, His Holiness, etc.
But little do we know about his background before He became a Pope, Cardinal, Bishop, Priest & Man of God.

Jorge Mario Bergoglio or Pope Francis was born in a small barrio in Argentina. His parents were Italian immigrants who went to Argetina to escape the fascist regime of the Italian dictator Benito Mussolini. Pope Francis graduated as a Chemical Technician and worked in the foods section at the Hickethier-Bachmann Laboratory. Pope Francis also worked as a bar bouncer and as a janitor sweeping floors, and He also ran tests in a chemical laboratory.

I admire the Pope’s humility when He did this move:

Pope got rid of the Pope Mobile
The Pope’s goal is to reach out to the people. He wants to be part of the ‘people’ – how can you do this if you are behind a thick 10-inch sheet of bulletproof glass? How can you be one of them when you are behind a glass wall? He got rid of it and used an open vehicle instead. He once took a mini-bus and rode with the cardinals. He also got this 20-year-old donated Renault 4L with almost 200,000 miles on it, so that when he wants to drive to the Vatican City Taco Bell for a late night snack.

pope renault

Pope’s Renault

Lesson: In your business, relationship building with your customers is important. If you have to dirty your shoes to be at your customer’s land, do it. If you have to ride the bus to get to know your market, ride the bus. Get to know your customers. Pope Francis took the security risk to get closer to the people.

Are you willing to take the security risk to get closer to your goals? Get rid of your Pope Mobile! 😉

Welcome to the Philippines Pope Francis!


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