What is your “business why” –


I have been getting a lot of questions regarding the way I handle my hard earned money.

Commom questions are, “pinagpawisan at pinaghirapan mo, tapos pamimigay mo din lang pala”

You’ve worked so hard to earn that money, just to give it away?

In the bible, it says that you should give back “a tenth” of what you earn – 10% of what you earn, 100 pesos if you earn 1,000 pesos. This is called “Tithes” or “Tithing” – giving 10% (or more) of your income to God.

But the “tithing” didn’t stop me from giving more.

I got involved in “street children ministry” called “He Cares Foundation” – I started by celebrating my birthday with 500 street kids.

Since then, I’ve been celebrating my birthsdy with 500 street kids every other month. How? Here (Join me!)

Trust me, it’s not easy and NOT CHEAP to feed 500 hungry mouths. But I do it.

People called me crazy, weird, stupid, kind hearted, loving, philantropist, generous.

Did you see the transition? From crazy to generous. I guess I’m both! I like it when people say I’m crazy generous.

People always ask me the biggest question: WHY am I crazy generous?

Before I answer that, let me tell you who influenced me.


This photo was taken around a week ago, with me is my Dad. Took this with a selife stick at the foot of Japan’s Mt.Fuji.

My dad started his career in his daddy’s business (my lolo) – it was a Medical Supplies & Equipment business. They sold everything from thermometers to x-ray machines. I believe he knows how to use these machines more than the doctors. There was a time when he would write me my own prescription.

One thing I know about my dad, he knows his clients well. He greets them on their birthdays, he send them gifts when he can. My dad would also go with doctors to medical missions to help people in far areas.

Everytime I go to the mall with my dad, there is always some random person who will greet him. It maybe a previous client he had or someone he helped before.

I have never met anyone who is as generous as my dad, he would give what he can until it hurts. He’s that kind of guy. People around him always get a chunk of his own blessings.

Why? Why does he work so hard just to share it? So were there same. Crazy and generous.

The name “business daddy” was coined because one street kid called me “daddy” while I was feeding her. Those street children will be my reason to earn more and work hard.

So there’s your answer. Why am I doing all these? Because of LOVE.

I love those street children. I want them to get off the streets and live a full life.

Because the ultimate purpose of wealth is to love others.

For Comments/Questions/Tips & Advice/Mentoring –
Anything about business, marketing, sales or kahit pa love life.  Harhar. 

You can write them here as a comment, OR
Email: abelardomarco@gmail.com
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Mobile: +639176274550

Oh, it’s also my Dad’s birthday today. (February 7) Happy Birthday Daddy! Cheers!


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