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What is your “business why” –


I have been getting a lot of questions regarding the way I handle my hard earned money.

Commom questions are, “pinagpawisan at pinaghirapan mo, tapos pamimigay mo din lang pala”

You’ve worked so hard to earn that money, just to give it away?

In the bible, it says that you should give back “a tenth” of what you earn – 10% of what you earn, 100 pesos if you earn 1,000 pesos. This is called “Tithes” or “Tithing” – giving 10% (or more) of your income to God.

But the “tithing” didn’t stop me from giving more.

I got involved in “street children ministry” called “He Cares Foundation” – I started by celebrating my birthday with 500 street kids.

Since then, I’ve been celebrating my birthsdy with 500 street kids every other month. How? Here (Join me!)

Trust me, it’s not easy and NOT CHEAP to feed 500 hungry mouths. But I do it.

People called me crazy, weird, stupid, kind hearted, loving, philantropist, generous.

Did you see the transition? From crazy to generous. I guess I’m both! I like it when people say I’m crazy generous.

People always ask me the biggest question: WHY am I crazy generous?

Before I answer that, let me tell you who influenced me.


This photo was taken around a week ago, with me is my Dad. Took this with a selife stick at the foot of Japan’s Mt.Fuji.

My dad started his career in his daddy’s business (my lolo) – it was a Medical Supplies & Equipment business. They sold everything from thermometers to x-ray machines. I believe he knows how to use these machines more than the doctors. There was a time when he would write me my own prescription.

One thing I know about my dad, he knows his clients well. He greets them on their birthdays, he send them gifts when he can. My dad would also go with doctors to medical missions to help people in far areas.

Everytime I go to the mall with my dad, there is always some random person who will greet him. It maybe a previous client he had or someone he helped before.

I have never met anyone who is as generous as my dad, he would give what he can until it hurts. He’s that kind of guy. People around him always get a chunk of his own blessings.

Why? Why does he work so hard just to share it? So were there same. Crazy and generous.

The name “business daddy” was coined because one street kid called me “daddy” while I was feeding her. Those street children will be my reason to earn more and work hard.

So there’s your answer. Why am I doing all these? Because of LOVE.

I love those street children. I want them to get off the streets and live a full life.

Because the ultimate purpose of wealth is to love others.

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Oh, it’s also my Dad’s birthday today. (February 7) Happy Birthday Daddy! Cheers!


Bente pesos

Earlier, I saw a 20 peso bill lying on the street while walking.

20 (I sure had a bigger smile than him.)

This scene is familiar to almost anyone. We all had our share of randomly finding “money on the floor” – so of course I immediately bent down and got ‘my’ 20 pesos.

While at the ‘smiling moment’ – the first thing that came to my mind was, “What if the person who dropped this is just a construction worker who just earns 150-200 a day?” of what if it belongs to a street kid and all he has left is the 20 pesos?’

There was no one else on the street when I saw the 20 pesos, I wish there was someone who said “Sakin yan” (that’s mine) – but there was none.

corn  I used the 20 pesos to buy a cup of sweet corn on the same street.

20 pesos is a small amount to most of you guys. But when I started to think on who might the owner of the 20pesos be – I had this realization: more than the money we have, it’s the value for money that is important.

Your 20pesos may be 1 million to a beggar.

I know it is impossible to find the person who dropped that 20 pesos – but who know’s right? So in case you lost 20 pesos somewhere in the UST area, please meesage me and I’ll give it back to you, with interest pa 😉


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4 Business lessons you can learn from Popoy & Basha



It was 2007 when the movie “One more chance” came out – Starred John Lloyd Cruz & Bea Alonzo with famous screen names as Popoy and Basha respectively. The Star Cinema produced movie holds the 9th highest grossing Filipino film of all time.


Screen Shot 2014-08-26 at 1.01.59 PM
Popoy & Basha were both students from UST.
Popoy was in Engineering and Basha, was in Archi.

Lesson number one, never date someone from the same school.
Haha. Kidding.




SCENE: Besides going to the same school, Popoy & Basha also worked at the same firm after graduating. At one scene, Basha told Popoy that she wanted to resign and move into a smaller firm so that she can be given better opportunities. Basha decides to break-up with Popoy. Though the real reason of Basha’s decision was that she was getting tired of Popoy always stepping in to fix things for her, she basically lost control of her life.

In business, it is very, very important to know when it is time to throw in the towel.  The article Attitude & Mindset of Entrepreneurs says that a wise businessmen never gives up. That’s true. But a wiser business man knows when the business is bleeding too much and the wiser decision is closing down for good or close it temporarily. Something close to to losing control of your business (or life.)

Closing down a business that you started is very painful. I have felt this many times. It’s like physical torture. You feel it in your heart, down to your bones. When the business you started is something that you’re passionate about, and you have to close it down – it is depressing, maybe it is the hardest thing an entrepreneur can do. But like Basha, you should know when the business is still healthy, if it is still good for you. And knowing when to call it quits.

Of course lesson number 2 is…


Lesson 2: HOW TO MOVE ON
Basha continued with her plans to resign from the firm, she was jobless for sometime. After which she started customizing t-shirts with unusual patterns and designs. She eventually went to another firm and continued working as an architect and started to feel good about herself. Basha found happiness. Popoy, on the other hand struggled to live his life alone after the break-up. It took some time before he gathered himself and eventually finding someone new in the form of Trisha (Maja Salvador)

In business, moving on from a failed business venture is tough. Specially the startups, there are tons who don’t make the cut. Around 80% of startups fail within the first 5 years. It could be lack of funds, business not too exciting or poor management – most startups fail. Learning how to move on, start over again is really a challenge.

Seesh. I’m confused. I feel like I’m writing a love advice blog more than a business blog. Haha.


Screen Shot 2014-08-27 at 12.50.11 AM
SCENE: Slowly, Popoy moved on and discovered that there was life after Basha; on the other hand, Basha began to find her solitary journey to be harder than she had imagined, especially when Popoy began dating another girl. Although a part of her wanted to get him back, she reminded herself that the decision to terminate the relationship was hers alone.

After ending your business, after moving on from the pain and all the losses, what do you do? Discover new things, find better opportunities, look for better paths to success. Never get tired of standing up after a fall, just be sure not to make the same mistakes again. Good business takes skills – and you develop skills through failures. Like popoy dating a new girl, try a different field in business, discover new things, you’ll never know until you try.


Screen Shot 2014-08-27 at 1.23.50 AM
After all the mess in their lives, Popoy went to Qatar and worked there for 2 years. After working abroad, Popoy goes to Basha and asks her out. They give each other another shot in love, they both get one more chance.

Simple, right?

What the movie didn’t show: What happened in that 2 years.

“Minsan, It’s better for two people to break-up, so they can grow up. It takes grown-ups to make relationships work.”

They were both hurt: And HURT PEOPLE, HURT PEOPLE. (Read that 5x if you have to)
They both needed time to grow, learn from the mistakes and be better. When all that is done, all you need is just one more chance. Same in business. Grow. Learn from your business mistakes (or from the business mistakes of others!) – be better.

And when you’re better, all you need is… One more chance.


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(Why did I write this? Because they keep on showing this movie on cable! I keep on watching it naman. Labo. Hahaha. Popoy & Basha rules. Haha)


Screen Shot 2014-08-26 at 1.19.28 PM


BONUS LESSON 2: Wag tatabi si jeep na may music na “Nanghihinayang” 🙂
Screen Shot 2014-08-27 at 12.48.23 AM


Get out of your comfort room

Yeah, I was supposed to write comfort zone but that would’ve been so predictable, right?
Teehee. So first, I hope you are not reading this article while you’re doing number 2.


That would really be gross.  (Unless you’re as cute as this kid, just don’t.)
Get out of your comfort room.


Get out of your comfort zone

What or where on earth is a COMFORT ZONE and why do you have to get out of it?

I’m sure you have friends who encourage you to get out there and do something strange or weird—something you wouldn’t normally do. Something extraordinary. Something you have never done in your life. That’s whats “getting out of your comfort zone” is all about.

Your COMFORT ZONE is where you are at peace at. It is the state or being where you are at ease. It is your routine. It is what you are used to. Being in your comfort zone makes you calm and serene. Your comfort zone, is simply your place of comfort. Not so bad being in the ‘comfort zone‘ you may think.

Also in the comfort zone, There’s no room for adventure and excitement, things are uncertain.
The comfort zone embraces the status quo and shuns away from new ideas and new learnings – Who here still uses a typewriter? Comfort zoned.

The comfort zone is like the “friend zone” — nothing really good ever happens there.

There are a lot of of reasons why it is so hard to break out of your comfort zone and why it will be good for you when you do it.
With a little understanding and hopefully through this article, you can break away from your routine and do greater things.





Think about your “moving on” stage after you broke up with your boyfriend/girlfriend. Remember that day when you just didn’t know what was gonna happen next or tomorrow? And you said, “whatever happens, I’ll be okay.” When was the last time you felt excited about not knowing what was going to happen next?  That’s what I am talking about. Be in that state. 

I’m not talking about fear of snakes/enclosed spaces and all that phobias – those are big fears. When I say “face your fears” I’m talking about the smaller fears that we encounter every single day. Like the fear of tripping off while walking in a mall or having wet underarms while on a date. How much time do you devote preventing them or how much time do you use thinking about them? These small things could turn into adventures or funny stories if you allow yourself to deal with it with a little discomfort.

Yes, you read that right. Idiot. Fool. Crazy. The goal here is not to ruin your life, the goal here is to overcome one of the biggest things that hold you back – the fear of what people think.  So forget about what other people will say, you are allowed to make mistakes. You are allowed to be less that perfect. Get laughed at.

Do crazy things.
Make a fool out of yourself.
You’ll be just okay.
Like what most people say, SUCCESS is just outside your comfort zone. Go there will ya?


Now let me go back to my facebook…

images from:


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Paintball! (Responsibility)

Have you tried riding a banana boat or the likes, then the company asks you to sign a waiver form?
What exactly are waiver forms?

A waiver is more of “a release of liability form”

A friend of mine recently wrote a ‘rant’ on Facebook,


 The school was asking her to sign a waiver that states that the school will not be liable for the kid’s safety in the summer swimming class program – my friend was pissed, I mean, who wouldn’t be right?
Because schools should be responsible for your kid. That’s why you pay them so much in the first place.

In my pre-school, we take care of your children, We take FULL RESPONSIBILITY of their safety.

In my teens, There was this camp that I joined and my parents had to sign a “waiver form” saying that I will be responsible with my own actions and that the camp organizers will not be liable with anything that might happen to me. We were around a hundred in that camp, the organizers were less than 20. A friend had a freak fall and hits his head on a rock. The organisers brought him to the hospital and had him stitched.

Did the camp organisers charge the hospital expenses to the guy/his family? No.
Why? What happened to the waiver? I’ll explain later.

Paintball & ATV


A few years ago, I went with a friend to play paintball (yes, one-on-one.) Left, is my friend Alan Bermudez or “bok” – We went to Global Gutz.

Facebook Page:

Global Gutz is the country’s leading paintball company. It happens to be owned by another friend of ours, Britz Torres. So we had fun. Got a couple of battle scars, sweat buckets and had extreme adrenaline rush.

Then we tried the ATVs.


Also in Global Gutz were ATV’s for rent. All-Terrain Vehicles are like dirt bikes with 4 wheels.
The course had little hills, rocky areas and mud roads.

We had the track to ourselves.
We were allowed to go around the course over and over again. (thanks to our friend Britz)

After hours of trying to kill each other with paint balls, and going around in circles around the dirt track in our rented ATVs – we slowed then and had a good chat with Mr.Sonny Torres, the father of our good friend Britz.


Sir Sonny & Britz Torres

Me, Bok and Sir Sonny Torres had a little chitchat, but what I will never forget was this conversation –

Sir Sonny: “Nung isang linggo may customer dito, babae, nag-ATV, makulit, hindi nakikinig, nalaglag sa ATV, tumama yung ulo sa bato, ayun duguan.” Last week we had a customer, female, she rented an ATV, she didnt listen to our rules, fell on the ATV, hits her head on a rock, she was bleeding”

Then I remember butting it, “Pero nag sign naman po ng waiver form kaya wall na kayong sagutin dun, kayo pa po ba nagdala sa ospital?” “But she signed a waiver form so you don’t have any responsibility with what happened to her, did you even bring her to the hospital?”

He said, “Alam mo, dalawang klase any liability. Legal at moral. Yung waiver, para sa legal responsibility yan. Pero walang waiver para sa moral responsibility” “There are 2 kinds of liability, legal and moral. The waiver is for the legal responsibility but there is no waiver for your moral liability”

He added, “Iba yung responsibilidad ng kumpanya, at responsibilidad ko” “The company’s responsibility is different from my responsibilities”

Seeesh. This happened November 11, 2011 – 3 freaking years ago.

But I never forgot that conversation. It made me a better businessman.

Most of the time, waivers are used to free the company of legal duties when something goes wrong. It makes sense.

It kinda scares the hell out of the customer as well, right?

But if you have a heart (like these guys from Global Gutz) you know words such as “moral” and  “responsibility”

More power to Global Gutz. (They own Splash Island too!)

Splash Island
Facebook page:

Wouldn’t it be nice to go to a place where you know that the people running the place actually “cares” about you?
If you own a business and your customers “take risks” how would you use waivers? Be smart!

Below are more photos of me playing paintball at global gutz:
pb9 pbECHO

That’s me choosing my gun and gearing up. #LegalWife Haha.

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Stand Out!


June 29, 2014 Banquet Hall, Philippine International Convention Center

I’ve been giving talks and have been giving seminars on business, sales and marketing.
Each and every speaker has a favorite topic.

Mine? It’s “being different” – Standing out.

It takes guts, a lot of it actually, to stand out and be different.

What does it do to your business? I sets you apart from everyone else.
It gives you attention, publicity, marketing.


In front of Ateneo, Katipunan Ave., Quezon City

Like this guy in his motorcycle.
Why did I take a photo of him?  Because he decided to be different.
He wanted to stand out. Now I am sharing him to the world and talking about him.

If you noticed in this blog, you can always find a “standing out” story in almost all my posts.
It’s always the businesses that stands out that we remember.

I remember a story that a friend told me a few years ago,
There was a “construction expo/trade fair” – where in all construction supplies/suppliers were exhibitors under 1 big roof. Architects/Contractors/Developers/and everything in between will be going there.

It’s one the biggest trade fair in the country. You can just imagine the booths right? Cement, steel bars, heavy equipt, electric wires, power tools, wood, nails, tiles.. But out of the hundreds of booths there, 1 small booth sold something else.


Ride-on Roller coaster car

1 booth sold this specific toy.

That booth didn’t sell anything else but this toy.

Why? Because he wanted to stand out.

Did he sell a lot? A lot.

Why? Because his idea stands out.

His product stands out.




You wan’t to be successful? Stand out from the crowd.


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Artista and their fans (Don’t get customers, get raving fans!)

Artista’s and their fans (Don’t get customers, get raving fans!)

One thing that amazes me with Celebrities, is their fans – some would call them ‘groupies’
I have seen such loyal fans. Whenever I invite a celebrity at He Cares Foundation, there would always be this group of 20-30 people who would be at the venue 2 hours before the celebrity arrives, all of them wearing the same t-shirt (with the celeb’s name and face on it.

I saw this on Facebook: “VhongAnne HoneyBabe fans club” 
Guess what? 12k++ fans. But here’s the funny thing, Vhong and Anne are not even together.

Most celebrities have their own “Fans Club” –  others even have ____ official fans club and _____ fanatics.

I’m sure that most of you, like me, think they are people who doesn’t do anything in life but follow their “Idols.
They are no ordinary “fans” of their celebrity idols. They are RAVING FANS. They buy what their idol endorses, they do what their idol tells them to do and so on.  Loyalty.



Behind me, Yexel Sebastian Beside me, Jam Sebastian & Mich Liggayu

Last year, I was fortunate enough to meet these awesome people:

The guy behind me is Yexel Sebastian.
Yexel is part of the hit dance group “Streetboys” – the same group where Vhong Navarro started.

Yexel is an entrepreneur himself, His business is one-of -a-kind.

How many Toy Museums is there in the Philippines?
There’s Yexel’s Toy Museum, then the rest are breadcrumbs.
(He’s opening a second branch! Click that link to find out!)

Yexel’s followers on his Facebook? 344,000 lang naman.

This power couple beside me produces youtube videos – they trended on twitter worldwide, they have a few followers on Facebook (835,000 lang) – Jam Sebastian & Mich Liggayu are known as the couple, JAMICH. If you haven’t heard of them, then you barely use the internet.

Are they celebrities? Definitely. Do they have fans/fansclub/etc. Yes of course they do.

Being friends with Yexel and the JAMICH power couple has it perks.

– I feel gwapo (good-looking) when I talk/chat with them.
Look at that photo?  Pwede ng celebrity!!! Haha. Kidding aside, I really do feel like a celebrity when I’m with them. Harhar. I shouldn’t write that but I guess they’ll find out soon din naman. I feel good-looking when I am with good-looking people, makes sense right? Kaya kayo, hangout with me always. Haha.  🙂

Here’s the thing, ever since I became friends with them, (they would occasionally “tag” me in facebook)
I suddenly had an increase in “friend requests” in my Facebook Account.

Random people we’re sending me friend requests, random people were following me.
And these are people that I have never met in my life.

Sure my advocacy business daddy is being recognized left and right. But usually the people who add me are people who have heard me in a talk that I gave, or people who I have helped in their business.

But these flock of people who adds me every now and then?
They’re YEXEL and JAMICH loyalists.

There’s this one person who messaged:
“Pwede po mahingi number ni Jamvhille? Close po kayo diba? Pag-ppray ko lang po siya”
It was so tempting to reply:
“Pwede mo naman siya pag-pray na wala kang number niya. Ano ba ate.”
Of course I never said that. 🙂

Stepping back and looking at that whole situation, It dawned on me:
These people are RAVING FANS of JAMICH.
These people would stop at nothing in supporting their idols.

So how exactly can RAVING FANS relate to your business?

Here’s my message for you today:

Don’t gather customers, Get Raving Fans!

Customer Loyalty. The life and blood of the survival of your business.
Since you started your business, how many customers have you had?

How many of them are Raving Fans?

Your business’ raving fans are the most loyal customers.
They are the people who loves your company. They love you. They love your story.
They are the people who will ignore your competition and go straight to you. They are the most loyal customers, they are the ones who will tell all their friends about you, they will share you to anyone they meet, they will fight for you when you have bashers, they are  _(your business here)    FANATICS.

How many of you have eaten Jollibee’s Chickenjoy?
Jolly hotdog? Yum? Champ? Oh and my favorote! Peach mango pie!

We all had our share of Jollibee’s awesome treats. We all come back for their great food. We all had attended a children’s party in Jollibee once in our lives.

Everytime Jollibee launches a new product, we all would try it one way or another.

Being called “Jollibee’s raving fans” maybe too much for us to handle. But the man who created Jollibee knows that you and me are raving fans.

Just imagine waking up one day without Jollibee – sucks right?




That’s no temporary henna tattoo, that’s permanent ink the size of a cartolina on the man’s back.
That’s permanent tattoo on the side of Mr.Clean’s head.

The “bar & shield” logo of Harley-Davidson Motorcycles is the most tattooed logo in the world. 

Harley-Davidson is one of the companies with the most customer loyalty record.
Besides these crazy tattoos, do you know how long do you have to wait before you can buy a Harley? 6 months.

Their raving fans would wait that long to get their rides. I bought a Toyota Van last month, I waited 2 days.

Would you be willing to wait 6 months for a Toyota? (No offense to Toyota, I love you guys. I just needed something to compare to.)

See the difference of a customer and a raving fan? 

I wrote in an another article how loyal I am to the car brand VOLVO (Read here)

Another perfect example of a company with raving fans:
One of the World’s power brands, Apple.

Their customer loyalty has been admired in the business world.

Remember the iPhone launching stories? Record of the longest “camp-out” waiting for an iPhone was 240 hours. Now tell me about loyalty.

People love Apple. People love the company, the story behind the company, the products, and everything the company stands for.

Everytime they come out with something new, people CAMP OUT waiting for the new product.

Imagine a bigas vendor, coming out with a new breed of bigas. Then people will line-up to buy bigas.

Or a sari-sari store and people are lining up outside waiting for the store to open.

Crazy right? Turn your customers into raving fans.

How? Watch out for my next post! 🙂

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I would like to congratulate my friends Jam & Mich on their engagement! (May 11, 2014 Sunday, The Feast PICC)

“Jamich” is one of the most inspiring love stories ever.  Click here to watch their videos


It’s not everyday a girl proposes to a guy… After weeks of planning with Mich, She finally proposed to Jam! She did it! Mich Liggayu and Jam Sebastian are now engaged! Jamich engaged!!!! Photo on left is me with Mich, minutes before the proposal!!! Let’s all pray for Jam’s battle against cancer, Amen. 🙂