What on earth is Business or Entrepreneurship?

What Merriam-Webster said: “the making, buying, and selling of goods and services”
What Oxford said: “the practice of making one’s living by engaging in commerce”
What Collins said: “an industrial, commercial, or professional operation; purchase and sale of goods and services”

There are hundreds of different definitions of the word “business” or “entrepreneurship”  –
And they are all true.

For me, it is very simple.

Business/Entrepreneurship is about serving.
Serving your customers. How? by giving your customers your best.
Serving yourself. How? by following your passion and fulfilling your dreams. 
Serving God
. How? by doing everything for love.

Because the ultimate purpose of wealth is to love others.

May this blog help you become happy and wealthy entrepreneurs!
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Who is the business daddy?

My mission is to inspire you to become an entrepreneur. My mission is to convince you that you should have your own business. My goal is to prove to you that being in business is the best way to live your life. What are my credentials so you would read this? I dropped-out of college, twice. I have failed more businesses more than anyone else I know.  I was a walking testament of failure, but I have learned so much from these failures and I became better. Now, I believe I’m the best in what I do because I never stop learning. Learn from my mistakes through this blog and join me in this exciting world of business.
For a more detailed description of who I am, click here.

*Warning! Adult content. Kidding. Don’t let your kids read this. They might be wealthier than you before they reach 18. Teehee.

**Warning! Make sure your boss at work doesn’t see you reading this, this blog will guide and help you start your own business. Some parts of this blog will tell you that you should resign, be your own boss and be better than your own boss. 😉

***Warning! This blog is filled with my pictures. Don’t read on a full-stomach, barfing and occasional throwing up may occur.

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